​Murray is the 200th employee to clock up 25 years at Greenhous.​

Where does the time go? A question Murray Jones from Sutton Park in Shrewsbury is asking himself as he receives a gold watch to mark his 25 years in the sales department of Greenhous.Murray is a Shrewsbury man and was educated at the Grange School.He entered into the world of work for a clothing retail outlet.

Murray’s entry into the world of automobiles came when he joined the Peugeot dealer Telford Motors as a sales executive.After one year he had made the move to Shrewsbury and worked for Wadham Kenning selling Rover cars for the next 3 and a half years.His opportunity came to join Greenhous in December 1994 just as Greenhous Vauxhall were making the move from their original dealership in Greyfriars to the newly constructed dealership on what is now Old Potts Way.Murray is now a sales executive at Greenhous Shrewsbury, the used vehicle dealership that was established on Old Potts Way in January 2019.

Murray reports that he remembers dealing with customers with their children in tow and now he is selling cars to those grown up children. Greenhous is a company that has always had a loyal workforce and in its existence of over 107 years Murray is the 200th recipient of a 25 year gold watch.

Murray is pictured receiving his gold watch from Richard Potts, Franchise Director, who is himself a 25+ year employee of Greenhous.