​Greenhous Shrewsbury Service team top the charts!​

The Service Department team at Greenhous Shrewsbury are really pleased with themselves after receiving the news that they have topped the charts for Customer Service at Vauxhall dealerships across the whole of the UK with a 100% satisfaction rate for June.

Customers are asked by Vauxhall to complete a satisfaction questionnaire containing questions about the whole of their service experience from start to finish. Pictured are the ‘front of house’ staff, but they wish for all of the service technicians and valeting staff to be included in the praise received as they play an integral part in the success from behind the scenes.

Greenhous Shrewsbury Vauxhall Service were placed 1st out of 322 Vauxhall dealerships across the UK and were 1st out of the 22 dealership in their region. A splendid result.