Vauxhall Viva for local lady, 50 years after first working at Ellesmere Port

A local lady Mrs Ruth Bishop has purchased a Vauxhall Viva from the local car supermarket, Greenhous, Shrewsbury. Seeing the car model name Viva brought back fond memories of the mid-60’s.

In 1964/5 Ruth responded to a job advertisement seeking female drivers to work for a car collection company, to drive new cars at Vauxhall’s new manufacturing plant at Ellesmere Porrt, which was built at the endo f the old wartime RAF aerodrome, Hooton.

Bishop explains: “We drove the cars to the end of the runway to a temporary storage compound for a few months before moving them to a large permanent compound a few miles away, when we were given our own registered trade plates, which we carried with us all day. That’s when the general public saw us for the first time on the main roads, and we were known as The Car Ferry Girls. There were days we drove HA Viva’s and HB’s left hand drive cars, both manual and automatic to Liverpool Docks to be loaded onto ships for the export market. We only had a small amount of petrol in the tank, which sometimes ran out in the middle of the Mersey Tunnel; thank goodness for the follow-up van with a spare can of petrol on board which always followed the las car in our convoy!”

Bishop continues: “My time working for the car delivery company over many years left me with font memories of the camaraderie between the team to even being featured on TV and in press reports in the newspapers. Over the years there were laughs and hard work, but we worked together so well, even through the snow, ice and freezing fog in the winter months. It was a fantastic experience! I loved the job and the driving which led me to successfully achieve my Advanced Motoring Test.”

Bishop concludes: “I have owned a number of the most popular Vauxhall cars over the years and with my history of this brand, when it came time to change my car recently, I saw a Vauxhall Viva advertised. I had such confidence in the brand that there was only one choice as far as I was concerned, a Vauxhall Viva for me again! The service I have received at Greenhous has been superb. They were very patient, helpful and kind and explained in detail everything I needed to know in order to buy this lovely Viva that I’m now enjoying.”

Richard Potts, Director and General Manager at Greenhous Shrewsbury concludes: We’re delighted to provide Ruth with another Vauxhall and continue her long-standing affiliation with the brand.

Woman standing with car
Woman standing with car